The goal of North Island Kids, also known as NIC Kids, nursery and children's church is to provide a safe, Jesus-filled environment for our children to receive His Love and hear His Word. Because a child often first experiences church in a nursery setting, we are committed to providing a loving, nurturing atmosphere in our nursery. In this way, all children who enter here will have the opportunity to know and experience the love of God from an early age.

Barakah Smith

  //  Director

NIC Kids is open 10am - 12pm serving groups of potty trained toddlers through 5th Grade. At this time we are gathering all the children in one large room. We are not taking infants due to a shortage of sitters but the changing table and a nursing room is available for parents. We hope to have our nursery opened soon.


Please contact Barakah if you are available to help or have any questions.

*Nursing Room always available

Please see Barakah to get a copy of our Child Protection Plan and our Policies and Procedures.

We are looking for individuals 16 years old and up to work in our NIC Kids. It would be two hours every Sunday 10am - 12pm. You can contact us by clicking here. You must pass a background check. For more information please click the link above. Blessings!